Kevin's Opinion

In my opinion, the “50B“ comic is 1337 h4x0r, as Robin the illustrator has said. Over… and over… and over… Written in the beginning by Thaddius-Sam, editor of my role playing site. The comic suspiciously has taken a look of that of River City Ransom, *cough cough*. That reminds me, River City Ransom is the second best game in the world. Basically, a dude named Slick takes Ryan’s girlfriend captive. Ryan and his best friend (in the original game) Alex take off to beat the shit out of Slick and save Cyndi. Basically you kick ass on a team or alone. It also seams that River City Ransom Ex. just came out. I just bought it. It’s badass. Taking place ten years later. Right now I have some crazy mad skills. Alex, who I always play as, automatically starts out with dragon feet. A move that makes you kick really, really fast, very powerful. In the old game you had to buy it from a book store for about $29. Thaddius-Sam plays as Ryan, who starts out with dragon fists, basically same, but with fists. You see, you buy books and read them, thus you become powerful. In the old game, acro circus, a really awesome move. Had a cost of about $37, but in the new game, exactly $300. Huge difference. When you start the game you fight off villains such as frat boys. Later mobsters and international students… Moose is a particularly mean boss. In the newer version of the game you fight him twice. In the original you fight him once, and he is the first boss you face. The second boss is who-ever it actually is. Play the game if you don’t know… play or die… Then of course there is Civilization I, the best game in the world. It was on a computer with a version of windows, made long, long ago. That by now have unfortunately ended up inside of a desktop trashcan, far, far away. First you chose your race, like American, German, or Russian. You were the ruler of their race, starting off you had a settler which you built a town with by pressing “b” by the spot you found that was good for a city, “f” was build fortification, “m” was mine, “r” was road, and of course “i” was irrigation. Then you built troops, a army, more towns by making settlers. Then advance through technology. In Civilization II you can eventually advance to nuclear weapons. Essentially you can then whip races from the face of the planet… Very awesome game, play it or die also… Remember, when the races say “our words are backed by nuclear weapons” they are serious. A few weeks ago I was playing deity. The hardest stage of the game. It came close to the year 2000 and the Russians had me on the run… Herr Vanderhoffen of the Americans. The Celts my allies had died recently fighting for my freedom. The French were going down too. Escaping to the outside of the world map after nuclear war broke out, I built a town with the last of my resources. Seeing that the russies had nuclear capabilities I bought some of their nukes with my spies and nuked their capitol. Riding through my allied France, which was hardly standing, I attacked Russia. Spies set off nuclear weapons in their towns. I took over fast. The russies were slaughtered, America prevailed, like it always has… and will… forever… There was much rejoicing… Well, I guess I should actually give a more in-depth opinion about Thaddius-Sam’s comic. It’s pretty damn badass! There, that work for ya?!